Land A Panda Is An Exciting iPhone App That Costs $1.99 Only [iPhone Games]

An exciting game for the users who like to solve puzzles specially love puzzles. Land-a-Panda is a puzzle more like a physics puzzler game. This game is about the love companions. The male Panda has to do efforts to get himself through cannons to reach to lady panda her love. While doing this he plots a route and has to face hindrances like tricky cannons, enemies circling around cannons and spikes. The cannons come in verity; some appears to launch at fixed angles, some has to play along a line, some can rotate by player itself and other automatically.

Land A Panda iPhone App

  • This game is much interested and challenging. Some of its features are as follows:
  • There are 3 stars in each level
  • The game has 80 levels to play
  • Game shows attractive features at retina display or iPad’s screen with HD version
  • It comes with Open Feint
  • The game centre supports for every success
  • It gives stimulated digital buttons to play with

Well, to get good features you need to pay as well. This is a paid iPhone application; you need to pay $1.99. Enjoy this challenging puzzle. For more checkout Appolicious 🙂




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