Language Skills Impacted by Text Message And Tech Speak Infographic

The practice of writing down with a pen and paper is slowly fading away. Why? because of the inclusion of technology in consumers’ day-to-day life. Cell phone keyboard or laptop keyboard – that’s where most of the typing happens. To convey messages specifically in text messages – users tend to speak in tech-lingo. Rather than writing whole sentences, we have evolved short forms. Shortened language allows users to type more and get the message across. But it has an impact. Impact on grammar and language to communicate and comprehend messages. Punctuation is capitalization commonly ignored. ie. c u soon.

Here we share an infographic which highlights texting or more so tech-speak. It further does a deep dive into tech speak affects language specifically during the formative learning years of students. A quick crash course on what is techspeak? and how shortened languages come in a place like lol, omg etc. Next up we jump into the problem. In short, students who use tech talk or speak often may have trouble switching back to traditional grammar when needed. Thoroughly enjoyed the color scheme of this infographic. Do share your thoughts in the comments.

Language Skills Infographic

text messages and language skills infographic


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