Language Statistics Infographic

Language is our principal way to communicate – consisting of words conveyed by speech, writing or gesture. Out of many language families and known languages in the world – there are few families which really stand out and each family includes a certain percentage of global languages. As there are 7000+ known languages – there is a lot going on in terms of numbers. It’s always easier to comprehend and absorb information – if presented in a simplified graphical layout. In this post – we are sharing an infographic around language and statistics.

This infographic namely ‘Language in Numbers: The Most Captivating Statistics” shared by Custom-Writing highlights some key statistics about languages. We get to visualize language, number of speakers and country where its primarily used. Key highlights include language, country flag and statistics. The number of speakers, primary country, and the total number of countries speaking the language is other information visible for each language listed.

English is the third most spoken language in the world yet is the first when it comes to overall languages used online. Design-wise the information is laid out in a very consumable way for all readers. Usage of numbers, text and flags has a consistent pattern. Overall a neat infographic. Let’s have a look.

Language Statistics Infographic

language statistics infographic

Hope you enjoy this share. Do comment out and share the post. Also – find out more by looking at what are the hardest languages to learn.

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