Laptop Per Child: Gain Since 7 Years? Infographic

One laptop per Child (OLPC) was a program started nearly 7 years ago. This program creates and delivers an educational ecosystem to create new and innovative learning experiences for children. The end goal was to build children’s knowledge and encourage empowerment. The program implements its solutions through various channels including governments, private sectors, and NGOs. The goal was to sell a laptop for $100 for children in developing countries and become a social transformation program through learning.

This infographic looks into this specific program. It highlights what has been gained in these 7 years. Colourful and neatly laid-out visual graphic looks at the program idea which was to provide a $100 laptop for children in developing countries. Moving on, we find the principles this program is built on and the laptop configurations. a $100 laptop with access to the internet, decent memory, USB ports for connectivity and a good screen.

The visual graphic is informational and consists of great design.

One Laptop Per Child 7 Years Later

one laptop per child infographic




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