Left Vs Right Brain, Characteristics, Abilities And Style

The human brain is the centre of the nervous system. Everything we do is diverted toward the brain in one way or another. Making it more accessible, the graphic we are about to share looks at the differences between the left and right brain. These differences vary in the characteristics and abilities of a person.

The right and left brain are not actually separate organs. Instead, they are two different ways of thinking. Each side of the brain processes information through different methods and has different strengths and weaknesses. Left-brain thinkers tend to be logical, structured and analytical – all things that involve numbers, organization and analysis. Right-brain thinkers, on the other hand, are more creative, abstract and visual – all things that involve images, patterns or emotions. So which one are you?

Left Vs Right Brain Infographic

This infographic looks at both sides, left and right. The overview goes on with a decent color flow of the graphic itself. Essential abilities and characteristics are narrowed down including reading style, planning, music choice etc.

left vs right brain infographic

source: http://www.onlinecollege.org/

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