LG’s Optimus Pad Will Be Available From This Thursday For $980 by Japan’s Docomo

It is being notified by Japan’s biggest mobile carrier NTT Docomo in a press release in English that LG’s 3D is now capable of  selling Optimus Pad in the country on the coming Thursday. It shows that the Android 3.0 set will bang the stores all over in Japan earlier than in the US – amazing and amusing. United States where it’s expected to become available on April 20 is left far behind in this regard.

LG Optimus

Another shocking and strange side of the news is that the features of the 3D are not described. There is not a single word spoken in the press release. No specifications are mentioned and even no brochures are available.

As far as the tablet is concerned which will be sold as “Optimus Pad L-06C” in Japan it is the same as we could try out last month. There is no contract relevant to Docomo; it offers the tablet for $980.




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