LoanShark Is A Cool Loan Calculator [Free Android App]

LoanShark can be said the best, fantastic and gorgeous loan calculator Android application. It is useful to plan all kinds of personal loans. LoanShark is a tricked out and easy to use app that allows you to calculate house, car, credit and cash loans easily.

It can automatically retrieve a list of all near by banks with an option call or map their location, to make shopping for a loan much easier. You can set alarm reminders, check payment history, and much more. It can even compare multiple loans; you can compare up to 9 loans side-by-side at one time to select which one is best for you.

LoanSharks’ updated version v1.01 fixes the bugs in older version. Updated version include things which are as follows:

Now LoanShark offers additional graphics, supports multiple alarms, Existing alarms are preserved in case you reboot app, LoanShark no longer crashes when you reboot after deleting a loan with a set alarm, from manage loan views past alarms can be removed.

So all this makes LoanShark as a must-to-have Free Android App for anyone shopping around for loans.


Loanshark Free Android App


Waiting for what? Download from HERE .

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