Locate Ad Networks That Collect Information In Android Apps For Free

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Smartphone or as some call it smart devices! There usage has increased in the last few years. A number of competitors have jumped in manufacturing these devices based on speed, performance and functionality. Marketers have started using aggressive tricks to display ads where ever possible. Easy target comes in as Mobile Apps. Ads can be displayed in notification bars, icons on home screen and further modifications. All this is done without the knowledge of users. And at times you will notice all this and wonder ‘have i got a virus?’ or ‘is my device infected’?’ Worry no more and keep on reading.

Lookout brings us Ad Network Detector. A free app which scans your Android device or tablet for ad networks which are commonly hidden from users. It gives you an insight of those apps by notifying about types of ads being displayed and type of information collected from your device by such apps. Quite interesting for what it does and quite shocking as for what ad networks do! (most of them).  This whole process (simple and to the point) will help you keep the required apps.

This great free tool lays out a method for users like us to know which mobile application and ad network are being the source. Feel free to download this app from Android Market. It will help you determine what apps are collecting what type of information from your device. You might be a target of marketing campaigns, email or phone calls. Feel free to comment about Ad Network Detector.

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