Make Legacy Windows Word Art For Free

Make Legacy Windows Word Art For Free

Those of us – who have worked on Windows systems in the ’90s and early 2000s do recall Word Art. By definition, Word art is a form of visual art that uses text to create an image. It was a visual expression tool for documents and presentations. The use of word art is not limited to the English language and can be found in other languages as well. Word Art, helped users create quick word art using styles. Microsoft released it on Windows 95. During that WordArt peak, you will easily notice the usage of Word Art on presentations, documents, reports, and more.

Windows Word Art

To honor the legacy Windows WordArt feature, Mike Mcchillin developed It’s a free web app that has 15-word styles available to choose from. The app is super easy to use. Download the required style after selecting a style and adding text. Head to the web app to easily create word art.

On the fun side; the app has Windows 95 look and feel. The famous old Clippy introduces you to Word Art upon first landing. Clippy can be moved around the screen by doing a click-and-hold. Clicking the start button will repeat the same action again. After you have created word art – you can easily copy created design to other apps such as Google Docs, iMessage, etc.

windows word art

Access MakeWordArt – that Windows Word art app.

Please consider donating to the creator as this app is completely free and has its infrastructure running costs.

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