Manage Your Finance With Financisto [Free Android App]

Financisto Is A Free Finance Android AppMoney management in today’s world is crucial as everyone wants to keep an eye on finances, but it takes a lot of time and energy. People who are looking for some stable, quick and efficient tool or app to assist you to keep on top of your finance here comes a solution. Financisto stays true to the standard Android looks and comes with colourful reports, pop up windows and diagrams. Financisto help one to manage several accounts like debit and credit accounts, salary accounts and loan accounts etc simultaneously. By using Financisto you can get your personal account history in a professional way. You can even manage international accounts in other currencies as well.

Features of Financisto are as below:
-Export / Import of data

The Financisto app supports exports and imports as well as CSV and QIF to feel safe and secure about your finances. If you are so disposed then you can even use Google Docs to backup your data.

-Manage recurring transactions

The app can give you reminders about your standing orders and recurring transactions using LED, vibrations and ringtones, but if you like it to. Termination of these transactions is easy and you can set up complex recurring schedules using RFC-2445 RRULE. You don’t have to re enter the transactions manually if you use this model.

-Filters help you don’t lose sight of things

Financisto comes with two types of filters that help you keep track of everything and search for specifics as well.

Protocols filter: allow you to enter relevant criteria into your search

Budget filter: help you keep track of specific time frames


Financisto comes with numerous settings and options to add attributes to certain payments and to convert currencies, almost anything you can desire.

So Financisto is all that you need when it comes to manage your finances with ease and simplicity.

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