Manage Multiple Calendars With Google Sync And Homescreen Widgets [Android App]

Scheduling all the time?! Have number of calendars to sort out simultaneously!. Business Calendar, an app for Android might be the perfect fit for your Calendar needs. Its free with full functionality, and one of the many ‘top downloaded’ apps on Google Play Store. Just as the name says, its a calendar application which comes in with a number of features. Smooth zoom and scroll view with decent graphical and textual presentation make this app worth a try. Features include day, month, agenda and even view like most calendars. Screen animations with configurable widgets add up to the user experience. Moreover users can easily switch between timeline and events when viewing a month. One of the pros for many Android users is that the app automatically syncs to Google Calendars.

Do not disable your stock calendar because all the alarm triggers are dependent on that for this app. Secondly, usability of widgets would go away if users move this app to SD Card. The app also comes in a paid version like every other app. Its advertisements free and comes with some added tweaks included drag and drop mode, link contacts to events, configure fonts and themes for widgets. Users can import and export calendar files using famous iCalendar format.

Overall, a handy Calendar App which is easy to use, with a lot more configuration then a standard calendar and loaded with features. Feel free to comment and recommend us any other app, you might want us to consider for a review. This app was tested on Nexus S and Note.


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