Manage / Organize Your Business Cards With CamCard For Android

Are you tired of carrying around uncountable business cards! Now there is a quick solution. CamCard is a great  app available which helps you capture and manage your business cards instantly on your Android device. This great app comes in paid and free version. Free version allows you to save 10 business card for the first week and 2 cards per week later on.


It can capture business card using your device camera, recognize the image, analyze its content and automatically organize the information on the card as a contact and save it on location as per your choice. (phone, gmail, etc). Other key features of this app include, automatic trim and enhancement of card images, language type recognition, rotation, batch import of business cards, QR generation, email signature recognition, double side card capturing, export as vcf or excel file, add notes, and password protect.

cam-card-3-wowtechy cam-card-4-wowtechy


The app currently supports device running 2.0 and higher with auto focus camera. A must have Android app for organizing and managing your business cards.

To downloadManage / Organize Your Business Cards With CamCard For Android
– scan the QR code
– or search CamCard  in Market
– paid version depends on your Market access, simply search and you’ll find the price ($11.99)

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