Manage / Restore Wireless Settings With WiFi Network Backup Manager

Manage / Restore Wireless Settings With WiFi Network Backup Manager

If you’re a PC user, you do go through the process of formatting. The reasons can be enormous. Number of different settings are lost in this process. Wireless configuration for different used networks, definitely one of them! Developers did find a solution toward this great problem. Now you can manage, save and restore all your wireless settings for different networks with WiFi Network Backup Manager.

This simple utility allows you to save all your wireless settings and load them up when required, be it on any machine!. Yes, its very usable when in need of copying down the wireless settings for other machines. The way it work is quite simple. It uses native WiFi API and saves your WiFi settings including names and passwords into an XML file. Which can be backed up and restored where ever required.

Once your done with the installation of the operating system, which is Windows in this context. Install WiFi Network Backup Manager on the newly installed OS and import the saved XML file. Yes, its that simple. It will restore all the saved networks with their password. The app is simple , easy to use and available for free.

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