Meta: Turn Content Into Custom Widgets On Android

It happens a lot when you’re browsing and an interesting piece comes up. It can be an image, interactive graphic, or text. One wants to save it or at times simply add it to their home screen for quick access or viewing. Doing so from a ‘full-on’ computer might not be a major issue for anyone but on smartphones, it’s not something which comes preloaded on the device.

Convert Content Into Dynamic Custom Widgets

Meta is a widget-based app available for Android devices which turns online content into a widget which can be easily placed on the home screen. Users can pick any dynamic or interactive content, text, and image and add it right on the home screen. Custom widgets are fully customizable and updated on their own or via user interaction.

meta custom widgets android
Meta: Turn Content Into Custom Widgets On Android

To start, simply add a Meta widget on your home screen and navigate to the website which requires it to be a widget. Check the box in the lower left corner and tap on the page. Content will be surrounded by an orange box, which can be moved around using the selection tool. Once the selection is done, tap the plus sign. Furthermore, the configuration can be done to text colors, widget alignment etc.

Since it’s a fresh app in the market, developers will appreciate any feedback to make improvements, and adjustments and bring updates. (click here to do so)

Download Meta by navigating to Google Play and Search Meta or click here to download.

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