MiniMe Is The Smallest And Aesthetic PC

In today’s world when technology is rapidly changing and competition is on boom, technology geeks try to do things in different ways. You might have heard about many other smallest PCs available in technology world, yet MiniMe is another cool looking proclaiming smallest PC which measures just 20cm along each side.Told by Bit Tech blog, MiniMe is a full fledged PC having following technical specification in it.

  • Quard-Core CPU
  • 4GB Ram
  • AMD Radeon HD 5670
  • Complete Water-cooling System

Watch out some images of the product which surely will amuse you.

This PC is developed from scratch by Oliver Woodings who seems to have good hardware knowledge augmented by aesthetics. But still Oliver had never tried building any PC case or water cooling system before – an awesome effort, I must say. More astonishingly fan controller was also built by himself, the guy kept his chin up and made an awesome design at the end.

Further details of MiniMe and about author can be found here. It surely can be ranked among the top hardware efforts in 2010 – do you agree?


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