Friday, September 25, 2020

Miren is Fast Browser For Android With Tabbed / Multi Touch Zoom

If you have been looking for a fast and better web browsing experience on your Android device, give Miren Browser a try! Its a browser which has a lot of functionality with easy interface. With unique controls and fast scrolling between tabs, it stands out. It is definately one of the best browsers on Android platform. Key features include full tabbed browsing with full screen mode, flash support (of course), multi touch pinch zoom, bookmark management, and definately fast browsing experience.

Quick controls include text selection, find on page, screen lock, feedback and back button Browsing between tabs is quite fast on this browser when tested next to Firefox, Opera, and Default Android browser. Settings tab is quite interesting. With basic features such as setting the text size and orientation, you can also set if you want to load images or not. Full screen availability can be enabled, as well as volume button settings can be configured. Bandwidth saving mode and setting actions for sliding on page edges gives this Android browser some edge over others. More gestures and operations settings can be accessed via the advanced setting tab. And Once you hit exit it will prompt you to clear cache!


To Download

Download Miren Browser from Market
or scan the QR code

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