mmm page Super Simple Drag And Drop Website Builder

In this article, we share this awesome yet simplified website builder called mmm page which doesn’t compromise on user creativity and inspiration while building pages. It can’t get simpler than this. Create a fun website in the most simplest way possible by using a dead simple website builder. You simply drag and drop items or blocks – modify, customize and arrange them. The builder will make your design mobile compatible so you don’t have to worry about usability and mobile experience.

After accessing you can try out the site builder for free, without signing in which makes the experience even better for first-time users. You can edit the build page to try out all the features mmm page has to offer.

mmm page drag and drop website builder
mmm page builder

Within edit mode, the page will show the mobile view with the desktop view greyed out. This enables you to focus on the mobile experience. Site builder tools include

  • Adding text to the page
  • Draw – which is pretty superb.
  • Add stickers from Giphy
  • Add external links
  • Add embeds
  • Add images and shapes
  • Add smart embeds such as Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitter etc.
  • page styles including background color

mmm page drag and drop website builder
Youtube Embed edit and Giphy on the mmm page builder

Different tools or block styles are carrying some unique customization options. Every block can be cloned, define links, lock block items, bring them to the front and send to the back. You can define a custom URL for the created site to share on social media profiles and email. A free account will add an append to***. To view example sites, check out the sites showcase built using website builder.

mmm page changes everything about simple website builders. It works for everyone and is unique as it presents a different model for website creation. The experience is equivalent to posting a story on your social feed. The tool is free forever and includes 3 pages and 30 blocks per page limit. If you want to go unlimited on blocks, pages, custom domains, and high-quality image usage – it might be worth going for a pro version which starts at $15 per month. This web app is also featured on Producthunt and has won quite a recognition.

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