Sunday, November 17, 2019

Mobile Advertisement – A WowTechy Guide.

With the boom of computers, laptops and internet, world became a global village –a booming concept which remained hot for a while. It didn’t remain the center of discussion for long as mobiles and smartphones came and shrunk this global village into small gadgets. In parallel if we discuss the past, present and future of advertisement, it is bit similar. In past advertisements used to be on Radio, Newspapers, which then was converted to Television which remained very hot gadget for advertisers.

Then boom of internet revolutionized the advertisement world and everything started to be advertised through emails, websites, forums and portals.  Now in the age of gadgets and smartphones, this advertisement has reshaped itself and now is emerging for mobile phone users.Mobile advertisement has many shapes, from text messages to display ads, voice to videos and many more. Latest generation cell phones such as iPhone, BlackBerry Torch 9300, Nexus S, and many others work perfectly for advertisers as they can receive text ads, graphical ads, and video ads.

With the help of Mobile advertisement you can reach the untapped audience as you reach to maximum number of mobile users. Furthermore you can target specific area and by knowing whole audience data sample you can reach till potential customers. This concept is called Location based mobile advertisement which magically can bring desired results for your business.

Many surveys also have proved that more than 65% people respond to mobile advertisements hence making it one of the powerful and reliable advertisement methods. So research your target audience and try this mode – it really works

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