Motorola i886 Is An Android Based Phone Yet Without Touchscreen!

Motorola has splashed the new flavor of Andriod by making an Andriod handset that is without touch screen. It is one of first Motorola’s gagged handset with a sliding QWERTY keyboard. This handset is given the model name as Motorola i886 iDEN and is launching from Sprint Nextel. It uses J2ME virtual machine to run Java applications on the core Android platform.Motorola i886 Is An Android Based Phone Yet Without Touchscreen!

It has given access to Getjar application as well. One might say this phone as a sort of stupid handset as It is beyond the native Andriod applications because Android was designed for using with touch screen.

Motorola or Sprint has not given any details about its software else than calling it a “Proprietary”.

For more check out following video.

[via: PhoneScoop]



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