Mount / Re-Mount SD Card On Motorola Xoom 3.2 Users With Mounter

imageDevelopers on XDA are keen towards Mobile Development! And they have a surprise for Xoom Users. A developer created an Android App which lets you mount / re-mount the microSD Card for Motorola Xoom running 3.2. This app is only good for rooted devices (like most core apps). The concept is quite simple at the same time. It lets you mount and remount SD Card as read and write.

The app is still in the testing process. Usage of this tool is completely at your own liability. Future expected  updates to this app would include hot swap SD card support, remount-on-boot support and a widget for home screen to update yourself on SD card status.


scan the QR Code to download the app
(would work only for Rooted Xooms 3.2)

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