Mullah-Gadgeti’s 11- Pro Evolution PES vs Fifa For Android

Recently Mr. Gadgeti got to test one of his favourite soccer games Pro evolution soccer 2011 for Android. Ofcourse for consoles such as xbox and ps3, gadgeti prefers Fifa because of its smooth game play with better player and ball control comparing to proevolution 2011. As many of you already know Fifa for android went down after its first update and it’s still on the  market for you to buy but just won’t work.

Anyways back to proevolution soccer. Overall the game deserves a lot of credit as it is probably the most realistic soccer game on andriod. There is less advantages given during the game, which means a lot of stoppage. You can enjoy different game modes such as champions league, exibition,  leagues,  international and club cups. Five different difficulty levels provide you with quite a challenge. The cost of the game is $6.96 on the market and accroding to mullah-gadgeti,if you are a soccer fanatic, this game is worth every penny. Even though gadegti seems to dislike the joy stick on the screen but hey! credit to the game designers for professional job they have performed to bring this wonderful idea to smart phones. Gadgeti believes fifa should do the same.


Not available anymore
FIFA 10 $2.92 CDN



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