Multitasking And Digital Stress Infographic

Many of us struggle to juggle multiple activities on a regular day. From revising for exams and staying productive, to managing social and extracurricular commitments. Everyday life is a constant balancing act and it can be even harder for those who also have emotional or mental health concerns. Having more than one focus at any given moment often means giving up on other activities that are not as important as others. This is where it’s important to acknowledge the value of many different activities in our lives. By understanding why it’s difficult to multi-task we can make changes so we don’t miss out on other parts of our lives. At times we can inherit digital stress.

Digital Stress And Your Brain

With new technological innovations, every day, multitasking and the way we do things has taken a new approach. For instance, just look at the browser and see how many tabs or windows you have open at the same time! Multi-tasking is growing and has become a major part of our daily lives. This infographic deals with the information overload caused because of this new yet efficient habit we have developed. The amount of media we used to consume has gone from 5 hours to 12 hours in 60 years, which has its own cons developed into it.

Enlarge the visual and have an overview of information overload, limits of multitasking and lifestyle, health consequences and what can help.

digital stress and your brain infographic


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