Music Piracy Legalized By Apple, iCloud For iOS 5 Explained

24921605Everyone has been talking about the mysterious iCloud but a lot of the readers didn’t exactly know how they will benefit from iCloud. So we decided to do a little post explaining what to expect and how it will change  lives for good.

Even though there are several services that are already offering similar services for free, Apple does have a neat concept behind its own implementation of cloud synching. The goal is to make the iOS devices as stand alone as possible. This means that you won’t need a computer to transfer songs or back up your data, Everything will be handled wirelessly through your home WiFi or cellular networks. Not only will you be able to activate your devices without a computer but even iTunes will be in cloud.

“iCloud will synchronize data on a number of your devices,” explained Steven Sande, feature editor of the Unofficial Apple Weblog. “If you have a Mac, an iPhone and an iPad, for instance, you’ll be able to access your content — photos, music, apps, documents, books, email, calendar, and contacts — on any one of those devices. If anything changes on one of the devices, it appears on all of them.”

Music Piracy Legalized By Apple, iCloud For iOS 5 Explained

A lot of the readers might have tons of songs that were ripped or downloaded from illegal sites. Guys even freeloaders  have a reason to rejoice now. Paying a measly $25 to Apple will enable to have all your songs uploaded to iCloud , including the ripped and pirated ones. Not only will it upload them but infact it will search its own database and if there is a better copy on itunes then it will replace the pirated copy with the high quality version.

Sande also said, “There’s an upcoming feature (with iOS 5 this fall) for those people like myself who ripped a lot of CDs into iTunes. For $25 a year, iTunes Match will find those songs that you ripped, upgrade them to the best possible quality from a copy in the cloud, and then give you access to them from any of your devices. Very cool, as your music library is essentially backed up at one of Apple’s big server farms.”

There you have it, a quick overview of the long awaited iCloud from Apple.

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