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Office Rush Android AppIn the hustling bustling life of today working mind needs rest and entertainment. Office Rush is a mind bobbling business recreation game for Android gadgets. People have remarked it as the most intriguing and intelligently devised game in 2010. It has got 2.89 rating out of 5. It is said that the game is very passionate and captivating. The game is planned over two phases the classic action and the puzzle. Both parts showing conspiracies and hidden truths. The action part requires running and jumping all along the way. It is for solace seekers built on Android Platform where your goal is accomplish a certain task specific to each of the game characters – Corporate Office employees. It is a kind of adventure for the player. Similar to the incredible ventures in the business world of today. As you move ahead game demands higher levels of agility and craziness. It is very easy to handle and hold on. Its size is just 12mb. It is applicable to Android 1.5 and up models. It falls under the category of arcade and Action. There are no intervals and game has funny cartoon graphics.

It is a must play game. You need to pay just 0.99$ to get it.





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