One Click Root For Asus Transformer TF101, TF201 And TF300T

Asus Transformer line has been on the go since its launch. Rumors are that first Google Official tablet could be manufactured by Asus as well. Rooting comes in as a important aspect for any Android device. Especially for users, who would like to try out new features, modifications and tweaks. Developer from XDA has developed a tool which would let users root their Asus Transformer (TF201, TF101, TF300T) using One-Click Method. Lets look into the rooting process:

1. Download the package. (click here to download)

2. Unzip package.

3. run the .bat file.

4. Device is rooted.

(Drivers for TF101, TF201, TF300T included in the package).

While following the process, if you end up getting an error after Testing Superuser. Select Yes, so that it will install superuser.apk and root the device. Enjoy additional tweaks and modifications once rooted by loading ROMS and what not! If having issues please follow thread at XDA.

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