Online Learning And Cheating Infographic

Cheating and plagiarism an old phenomenon and has gained different mechanisms and techniques since the evolution of online education. Easy access to online learning creates a lot of new opportunities for cheating. There is a video of a UCF professor accusing a class of cheating with millions of views on Youtube which might interest some readers. To define, Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s work or idea as your own without their consent.

This infographic shared by our regular contributor looks at some statistics related to online learning and cheating or more so plagiarism. Do online students cheat more often? we get some rich highlights around students who admit to cheating. Moving on we can find out about the popularity of online courses, people’s opinions about online courses, and some new implementations which can prevent online students from cheating. The design of the graphic is right there with good font and colour palette selection.

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Online Learning And Cheating infographic

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