Online Tracking Infographic: What, Who And How?

We browse the web, use social media applications, and do tons of different internet-related activities from our personal computers, smartphones, tablets etc. One thing that needs to be realized is we are being tracked! We end up being a big target for marketing companies and with the advent of social media platforms, it’s growing. Information is readily available from user profiles. Tracking starts when one simply browsers the web or makes a purchase online.

A singly cookie can start tracking you and your traces would be available all over the web. For instance, Advertisements on widely visited websites would change based on the searches you do, simple! This infographic we share is a simple yet neat infographic created by Background Check which highlights an important aspect, that many web users might not even be aware of!

Online Tracking You’re Being Watched

This infographic can make it to an IT lab or even at home. It is neatly designed with the selected colour schema. What, Who, How and Why prospects of tracking are clearly defined. Feel free to share and to share your likes, drop by the contact page.




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