Opera Mobile 11 Comes For Android And Symbian

Microsoft, Firefox and Opera have made March the month of web browser releases. Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 9 followed by Firefox 4(final version) and now Opera has released the new version of the Opera mobile 11 for Android and Symbian S/60. Opera Mobile 11 is available in lab releases for MeeGo, Maemo and Windows (as in Windows 7 tablets). The device is expected to support more devices in future.


Let us have a look at what is new in Opera Mobile 11 release:


–        Tap to zoom; changed from single-click to double-click. Now you can click links and activate Flash content in overview mode, without having to zoom in first.

–        Modernize UI; UI has been optimized for tablet devices.

–        Updated rendering technologies; new Presto rendering engine, better JavaScript performance and support for popular technologies such as HTML5 Video, Adobe Flash support (Android only) and multi-touch events.

–        Faster frame rates when panning and zooming; Improved text wrap and text stays sharp during Zooming

–        Buttons for jumping to the top/bottom of the page

–        Geo location support is improved

–        Symbian specific; Support native clipboard on Symbian 5th edition and Symbian^3

–        Support for half-screen keyboard on Symbian ^3 phones

–        Share URL on social networks, email etc

Opera Mobile 11 can be downloaded direct to mobile from m.opera.com or get it from the Android market.




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