Optimize / Manage Android Battery / Memory / Apps / Settings / Network


Optimize / Manage Android Battery / Memory / Apps / Settings / NetworkMemory issues are there when it comes to consumers and Android. There are number of third party app managers, battery boosters, utilities managers and so on, available in Market. But somehow, somewhat they lack something. Previously, we reviewed Android Memory Booster, when gives you a bit of control over device memory. In this article, we are to review an app which we have been testing for a while now. Android Booster, as its called, lets you full optimize and manage your device overall performance in terms of memory, files, apps, settings, network and most importantly battery.


Once the app is launched after installation, a simple overview screen comes up with a decent, easy to use interface. Tap the optimize button on the main screen! You can quickly close tasks, switch off Wi-Fi, and bluetooth. Tasks lays out all the open apps and tools in the background. Tap memory and a list loads up with the name of the processes and apps running and the memory consumed by them. Select and close running processes that are not required. Information bar at the very bottom shows the battery life. Tap onto it, and a power consumption tracker loads up with consumption percentage towards screen, network and applications.

Optimize / Manage Android Battery / Memory / Apps / Settings / Network Optimize / Manage Android Battery / Memory / Apps / Settings / Network

Moving on on to utilities where the complete app concept can be seen, can manage tasks, network, power, apps, file, call, SMS, and location privacy. Tap on any and get into further controls towards each manager. Full optimize your settings in terms of process, traffic (GPRS / Wi-Fi), power, apps and files. Overall a great app when it comes to functionality, compatibility and overall performance. Its free, do try it out and feel free to add anything if missed.

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Download Android Booster

–   Search Android Booster in Market
–  Or scan the QR code.


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