Monday, September 28, 2020

Paper Football 3D Game Is Yet Another Game For Android Freaks

Paper Football 3D GamePaper Football 3D is an Android action in 3D, available for free. Paper Football 3D is a section with piece of paper to replace the Android game to play football, straight forward operation, interface aesthetics and the appropriate difficulty.  You need to flick the paper football back and forth across the table in the in the eventual test of finger control and dominance.

Slide the folded piece of paper across the table and try to score a touchdown by making your football landing into foes side of the table. You may attempt a field goal after score, by flicking the football through your buddies’ fingers.  You can also choose to play kick mode and launch the paper football into air again and again, as long as you want to.

Though Jibro did a good job as far as presentation of the room you are in, is concerned. But there is nothing else you can find positive and excited about the game. The slide reaction in Paper Football 3D is somewhat rough and scratchy, same is the case with field goal attempting. There are no opponents, no levels and no achievements to get so the game is finished without any sense of accomplishment.  Though the idea is good, but developers will have to do more work to make execution good.


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