Patents: Evolution, Problems And Profits Infographic

Patents are a form of property that is possessed by individual companies and organizations to protect their intellectual property. They are also referred to as patent rights, intellectual property rights or proprietary rights. It is a type of intellectual property that gives the holder the right to legally prevent others from manufacturing, using, selling or exporting products that infringe on the patent.
It does this by giving the rightful owner exclusive rights to a particular invention for a limited period of time. These exclusive rights must be secured in order for a company to obtain a patent for its inventions.

Problem With Patents Infographic

The concept of Patents, as we all know was introduced to promote the progress of science and technology. Whereas in today’s capitalistic and market-oriented world, patents are in the ‘use and abuse’ game. While creating the hype on news and among consumers, all that comes out is fame for one company while shame for the other with a million-dollar lawsuit waiting at its door. This infographic portrays ‘problems within patents’.  The designer has keyed out the right idea, signs of weakness, owning information, patent profits, and selfless innovators using facts and figures based on keen research.

the problem with patents infographic

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