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PDF.io is one PDF on-the-go tool. It allows users to organise, compress and convert PDF files. Solve your pdf file conversion problem quickly. Simply upload the file and download the converted file in a matter of seconds.

At times you are in need to convert PDF files to a specific format. Not to do a deep-down dive into this, but there are many use cases. PDF.io can convert from PDF to PDF in reference to some of the common file formats like Word, Excel, PNG, and PPT files. Let’s look at some of the features offered.

The split allows you to quickly import a pdf and select specific pages to split. Once pdf is imported, all pages are visually shown as decks. You can split and save, or save as a separate PDF altogether. You can also merge multiple PDF files into one. Select the first file and then add more files from local, Google Drive, Dropbox or a URL. And then Hit merge, and a new PDF will be presented with a download link. PDF files with lots of images can get heavy in size.

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Compress the PDF to reduce the size of the file. After file selection, the PDF is compressed and a new download link will be available with file size reduction information. Lastly, from a PDF point of view – you can lock and unlock a file by uploading it and setting a password.

Convert PDF Files

PDF.io offers the following conversion when it comes to PDF files.

Convert to PDF

PDF.io allows you to quickly convert Word, Excel, JPG, PPT and PNG files to PDF.

Convert from PDF

Similarly, you can convert an existing PDF to an HTML Word, Excel, JPG, PPT or PNG file.

Add Page Numbers to PDF

Add page numbers to an existing PDF document by uploading the file or choosing it via Google Drive or Dropbox.

Other features include unlocking and protecting pdf files. This tool is good to have in the bookmark list to convert pdf files. Also can be quite useful on the go. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts.

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