Peace TV Live HD [Free Android App]

Peace TV Live HD Free Android AppAll Muslim viewers all around the globe enjoy Islamic programs and spiritual lectures on Peace TV. Peace TV is an Islamic Satellite television network broadcasting globally 24/7 from Dubai, UAE. Peace TV programs are telecasted free-to-air and in English language. It aspires for a quest for promoting truth, justice, morality, harmony and wisdom for the whole of humankind.

Peace TV Live High Definition quality is an Android app that runs on OS 2.2 + with Adobe flash player. Viewers now can enjoy Peace TV Live HD quality on their android devices. Internationally famous scholars and orators inspires religion and humanity, like Dr. Zakir Naik, Maulana Parekh (India), Dr. Israr Ahmed (Pakistan), Dr. Bilal Phillips (Canada), Yassir Fazaga (USA), Abdur Raheem Green (UK), Hussain Ye (Malaysia), Dr. Jafar Idris (Sudan), Salem Al Amri (UAE) and many more.


This App offers following features:

– Free of cost
– Wi-Fi recommended
– 3G Supported

Download PeaceTV Live HD Quality free Android app from HERE .



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