How People Celebrate Pi Day On Every 14th March: A WowTechy Overview!

World is rejoicing Pi day today! 3.14, a numerical entity symbolizing  mathematical sign known as Pi. Henceforth Pi day is celebrated on 14th of 3rd month every year at international level. Founded by our own Prince of Pi, physicist Larry Shaw, Pi Day has become an international holiday, celebrated live and online all around the world. In much the same way that people celebrate Valentine’s Day or National Pancake Day, people around the world gather in the shape whose ratio of its circumference to its diameter is the most valued mathematical constant in the known universe.

Happy Pi Day 14th March

There are so many trends and blends regarding the commemoration of this day and the most particular thing is that this day in not only meant for gigs and nerds. Even common mass get involved in varied Pi day activities. People wear Pi shirts; beyond just apparel they change their computer wall papers into something relevant to Pi. Even certain freaks switch their mobile ringtones either to actual “pi music” or to a song that reminds you of the famous irrational number (“American Pie”, for example). Instead of adjusting time on their clocks, people use Pi equivalents and same is practiced for telling years or measuring things. For example if you are 31 years old, you are actually 9Pi and about to be 10. People play Pi games and enjoy Pi foods to celebrate the grandeur of the day. Pi mile running is done and few watch Pi movie about a mathematician. Last but not the least people go for their most sensitive lifelong decision of getting married on Pi day!

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