Perfect Phone Is An Aesthetic Multi-Featured Phone

Global village has become Smartphones’ hut now; people have started liking the phones with big screens and latest features. The user admires more of those phones which have large faces so the displays are more attractive and fine tuned. To occupy all this, the Perfect Phone is made with a huge display, slide out keyboard, mouse-esque controls and Windows 7 OS.Perfect Phone

This slender phone has very interesting features. Some of them are as follows:

  • Two-way slide net book

The inspiration for two-way slide net book comes from slide phone

  • Size

The size is as small as the ¾ large placed horizontally A4 paper. Having width of 15mm, its length without keyboard drawing from the sides is 268mm. With keyboard, length is 500mm having each side of 116 mm and the height is 122 mm.

  • Multimedia shortcut-keys

Multimedia shortcut-keys are made available on its keyboard panel.

  • Two small keyboards

From each side of a phone a keyboard draws out.

  • Mobile Movie Mood

The sound boxes and multimedia shortcut are installed on each side of the keyboard to give you movie mode.

  • Notebook Mood

It provides you a different notebook than the normal one, as it has the extended keyboards on both sides and integrated rocker on whole QWERTY keyboard.

  • Palm Computer

It can also work as a palm computer.

  • Integration of rocker and keyboard mouse

The left-right buttons are in the keyboard with the rocker to adjust the directions. They are integrated to be used at the same time.

  • Angel of Screen

It gives you options to adjust the screen angles, its rotatable screen and built-in power supply give you grip on mobile every moment.

Perfect Phone Is An Aesthetic Multi-Featured Phone

Its price and availability date is not yet released.

[via: YankoDesign]

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