Pick Colors From Screen / Copy Color Codes With Instant Color Picker

Pick Colors From Screen / Copy Color Codes With Instant Color Picker

Colors, an important part of life overall, yet a bit more unique for designers and developers. All sorts of manipulation involved with colors like themes, have a number of tools involved. Color picking come in as a sub, when treating different graphics, manipulating, cloning, and anything you can think of related to color. In this article we are to share a great tool which lets you find unique colors with the ability to take you closer to the pixels and later on copy the color code and use it else where.

Instant Color Picker, lets you find the colors you’re looking for, with key six different color picking tools. Find colors, and copy the color codes for usage in different graphic suites. Once you install and launch this application, main color picker tool appears. A system tray icon will appear, simply click that and make adjustments to tools such as eye dropper, quick color palette, named colors, test layouts, windows color dialog, html reference and more.

Finally, one of the finest color picker tools available for free. It was a commercial product but lastly only one developer was left in the company so he made it open and available. Although you can donate to the developer! Good thinking!!!

Download YS Instant Color Picker

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