Play Station Network Hacked Leaving 70 Million Gamers Nowhere

Play Station Network Hacked Leaving 70 Million Gamers NowherePlaystation, core gamer and network shutdown for three days! A complete chaos for an avid gamer! Up till now, all we see is error messages saying the network is suspended or undergoing maintenance. Where as the reality is that PS3 network has been hacked and is down since three days.

According to official PS3 blog, Sony confessed that an external intrusion was the reason because of which the company took down the network and Sony’s Oriocity service. Further on it was mentioned that this has been done in order to verify the smooth and secure operation of our network services going forward. Sony did warn earlier that the downtime could continue for more days. However, gamers were not given a time-line within which they would resume online game playing. It seems that a hacker broke into the network and now its taking Sony time to clean up all the mess and restore everything.




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