Playground AI Art Generator

So far this year, lots of AI-generated art and images are being shared by users on social media. In this article, we present a web app that allows users to create AI art, and save and share it within the platform. Playground AI – a free web app, that allows users to generate AI art via a text prompt.

To start off, you need to create an account. As of now – signing in with Google is the only option available. After successful account creation – The rising feed will be presented. The grid displays art generated by Playground AI users. Select an image to see more details about the prompt, and the model used. You can copy the prompt to modify or regenerate art.

The remix option will open the generator settings screen with all the options copied over. This will make it easy for users to remix or regenerate images based on newly modified settings. Lastly, you can download the shared image or copy the image link to share.

playground ai art generator
Playground AI feed

Playground AI supports 2 AI models, Stable Diffusion and DALL-E 2. Based on model selection, different filter options will be loaded below the prompt. You can experiment with both models and available styles to review results.

Moving on, the user can set image dimensions, prompt guidance, quality and details, seed, and the number of images to be generated. By default, all generated images are public i.e. visible on the Playground feed.

playground ai image generated preview
Playground AI – image preview

Prompt guidance allows you to instruct AI to make the image closer to your prompt. Quality & details steps increase will result in high-quality images but naturally will take time to process and generate. Advanced controls like seed and sampler enable you to modify number results and diffusion sampling methods. For each prompt, you can generate up to 4 images – keep in mind it will add up to the processing time.

playground ai art generator
Playground AI – art generator screen

For every generated image – quick controls are visible from the grid view. Quickly copy the link, download the image, in paint, use it for the image to image, apply face restoration, and upscale the image x2. The paint feature enables users to paint a mask that the model will fill using the prompt text.

Playground AI Art Generator
Playground AI-generated art options

Playground AI Free version allows 1000 image generation per day, and limits on quality and details after 300 images. On the other hand, the Pro version allows 2000 image generations per day and has no limit on quality and details. Also, on the pro version – the image generation is faster and has priority support. You can find more details on the Playground AI pricing page.

In conclusion, Playground AI is a powerful art generator and is one of the best ones available out there. It’s free to start with and allows users better control over what they want to generate. Given where the web app is right now – we can expect new cool features soon. Give it a try and enlighten us with your thoughts.

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