Friday, April 10, 2020

Plug In Launcher Is Yet Another Free Android App 🙂

Plug In Launcher is an Android phone application that provides a background service that automatically launches when the power USB cable or headphone cable is connected to the device. You can select any app or program that will auto-start whenever you plug in something, like your clock app, your music player app, tethering app or whatever else you want to open. Once you have installed plug in launcher in your device you can specify which application you want to launch when either of the cable is connected.


Plug In Launcher Android Free Android App

Plug In Launcher is super simple and free Android app with a vital advantage of ease. You don’t have to go the menu and tap an application every time you want to perform some specific task, say like launching the music player or any other app. One worthy to note point for users is that Plug in launcher android app consumes some device memory and some extra battery juice from your device. Enjoy this free and easy to use app for your android device with decent functionality.

You can download it from HERE .


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