Best Plugins For Dolphin HD Browser For Android Devices / Tablets

Best Plugins For Dolphin HD Browser For Android Devices / TabletsDolphin Browser is no doubt one of the most refined browsers on Android. Number of sources reviewed it saying its the most capable Android stock browser alternative. Well in this post, we won’t say anything about how good it is! yet we will cover some of many plugins available for Dolphin. Add-ons and plugins are one of the many features of this open browser including gestures controls, webzine experience, tabbed browsing, speed dial, smart address bar, bookmark management, side bar, theme packs and language support. The few plugins we picked out of many are as follow:

Desktop Toggle

Switch between desktop mode and mobile mode.

Text Sizer

Quickly adjust font sizes while browsing.

Screen Cut

Capture entire web page or cut a specific part of the screen and save to SD card as an image.

Read It Later

Save your pages onto a read list which can be synced and accessed later on.


Save webpages as PDF files for later viewing.

Tab Switcher

Quickly switch tabs when browsing in full screen.

Bookmarks To SD

Backup Dolphin bookmarks to SD Card and restore when required.

Password Manager

Save your passwords for quick access towards secured websites.

Dolphin Browser with all these plugins works great on devices such as Nexus S, Galaxy series, HTC desire & HD, Acer Iconia, Asus Transfomer (tested).


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