Most Popular Tools Among Creative Professionals: Designers Toolkit

Creativity has become a buzzword in recent times. This can be attributed to growing digitalization, cutting-edge technology, and innovation in different fields. Creativity is essential for innovation as it helps us solve problems in new ways or come up with novel ideas. The demand for creative professionals is increasing rapidly in today’s changing world.

Creative tools are now being used widely by people from various fields to come up with innovative ideas, which help them solve problems or develop new products and services. These tools assist creative thinkers and drive their imagination to the next level. They also promote ideation, accelerate problem-solving skills, and enhance the visualization power of an individual.

The Designers Toolkit Infographic

CoolInfographics has been our inspiring source for information graphics since WT evolved. We have always kept a keen eye on their content and appreciated it. This time again, it is an Infographic recently published on CI. This visual piece covers findings from a survey, which was done among 180 design and creative professionals related to designers’ toolkit. These professionals are based across the globe.

The survey was broken down into questionnaires regarding applications they use regularly in terms of documents, storage, visual design, note taking, video editing, hosting, invoicing and email. The graphic has a cool tone to it and the information is easy to absorb as a reader. As we scroll through the categories, observations and emerging new tools are listed. Overall a neat piece worth the share.

the designers toolkit infographic

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