Shift From Print To Digital, eBook Nation Infographic

In today’s digital age, it’s hard to imagine a world without the Internet and all of the information it has to offer. But just like when people invented writing as a means of recording information, so too did publishers invent digital publishing as a means of reading publications. In other words, print is no longer the primary means through which people read. The same goes for magazines. Another sign that readers are shifting from print to digital is that subscriptions and newsstand sales have been steadily declining for years now.

This infographic looks at the overall shift from print to digital media when it comes to reading. The flow of tablets and specific electronic book readers in recent years has increased by huge numbers. And the purpose is not the same again. With reading, we get more such as audio podcasts, and apps when looking at full tablets (iOS, Android). Titled eBook Nation, we find facts like tablet brands owned, readers’ profiles, and available formats. Enjoy and feel free to share and comment as well.

eBook Nation – Print to Digital

print to digital infographic ebook nation

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