Professors, Faculty And Social Media Usage Infographic

As we all know social media has evolved as the next big thing in the last few years. Firms are hiring designated social media managers to meet company needs. With millions of users on famous platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, a lot has changed regarding social engagement. If we look at the education sector, it can be easily said that social media is making its place. Students and teachers are using these platforms to engage, socialize and learn new ways.

This infographic developed by looks at university/college professors dealing with social media in routine matters.  The graphic is designed in a neat green board tone and highlights facts such as:

  • how do faculty use social media
  • which social media websites are used?
  • barriers to social media usage?

On the plus; the infographic is well designed, and highlights the information in a neat way with the usage of facts and figures. Feel free to go viral and share this piece.

Professors & Social Media Usage

social media usage infographic


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