Protect Any Android App With Face Recognition And App Lock

Face Recognition and Android didn’t match until VIsidon came up with an app called Visidon AppLock. Concept being ‘a way to protect your device withe face recognition capability’ is simple and clear. The app allows you to protect any sort of applications be it SMS or Gallery, in a defined way. You can fully control the service by selecting apps and then enabling the service. Service management allows you to enable service, on boot and notifications. Verification can be done with a defined password, face recognition and its security level.


User must have a front facing camera to use the face recognition service. If you don’t have a front facing cam, then you can only enjoy the limited password verification feature. It can be useful for locking apps like uninstallers, file managers, galleries and any apps you wish to protect. To setup the app, do all the training modes from app settings. It is recommended that different images should be taken in different light settings. For instance, places and environments you are likely to be at most times. Increase the security level if you feel its easily recognizable, though its set at medium by default. A decent app, does what it says and shows a positive start towards face recognition technology and Android.

imageDownload Visidon AppLock

– Search Visidon AppLock in Android Market.
– Or scan the QR Code.

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