Pulse A Famous Android App Gets A New Update

The popular visual news App, Pulse news reader, has got an even better and major update for Android. May look a tough job when to sort through hundreds of hundreds or RSS feeds, but you can crank through dozens of news in an easy, graphically pleasant and best way with Pulse version 2.0. Android users can find an entire section of Android news, interesting to know. The App just got better with enhanced performance, discovery features and content sources etc.

Pulse An Android App

New added features for Pulse version 2.0 are as below:



–        Improved Sharing tools

–        Three times the speed

–        News Discovery Features

–        Three times more sources

–        The UI has been divided into pages/tabs

–        Customize things in a way you are satisfied with

–        Bunch of preloaded content, and a couple blank pages

–        Social content from Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Digg, Reddit and Hacker News

–        Login to your Google reader account and have your RSS feeds incorporated into the page

The updated version of the App is now available in the Android market and can be downloaded for free.




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