Pulse: Best Google Reader Experience on iPhone / iPod / iPad

I have been a fan of Google Reader for a while but there hasn’t been any app that has been able to simplify the reading experience while making it fun to browse on our small mobile screens. I had been craving for some more graphical interface and that’s where Pulse reader app comes in.

Pulse is a very clever app that shows your news streams with photos in the form of a mosaic. Three stories per stream are visible on the screen at a time for an iPhone or iPod Touch where as 4 stories at a time for iPads. You can scroll left and right within a stream or up and down to switch to another source.

Final Verdict:

It’s a free download and a new way to browse. So I give it a “DOWNLOAD IT NOW” for all WT Readers.

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mzl.actxcdhb.480x480-75 Pulse Reader for iPhone and iTouch (Click for App Download)

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