Quick And Easy Guide To Run Linux Ubuntu On Galaxy S III

Quick And Easy Guide To Run Linux Ubuntu On Galaxy S III
Ubuntu Running on Galaxy S III (developer image)

Galaxy S 3, the new name in the Samsung Galaxy series is soon to be seen in nearby mobile shops, and online as well. A neatly designed brushed carbonated housing holds Snapdragon S4 processor, 2 GB RAM, 8 MP camera and a huge 4.8 inch screen. Developers are on the heavy side like always. Before the launch of device, testing and development continues with the released as well as leaked source codes.

A developer from Netherlands has worked around a tutorial over Omega v4.0 running rooted Galaxy S 3 to run Ubuntu. Requirements included a rooted Galaxy S 3, with Omega v.4 loaded, VNC Viewer, Android Terminal Emulator and Busy Box. The developer lays out 6 steps in which Ubuntu can be loaded on new Galaxy S 3. Click here to read in detail on developers take on this process. Steps are followed by captured screenshots to make it easier. Follow through the process on your new Galaxy S 3 and don’t forget to give us your feedback whether it worked or not! How well was the response etc. If any questions, or concerns follow the source.

source: XDA

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