Quickly Control Major Android Settings With Quick Settings App

Tired of navigating to settings again and again for accessing quick settings. Yes, some manufactured devices come with some kind of control widget but its too limited, uncustomizable and you just keep on staring at it. We are about to hare an app, which can be a part of your home screen in a matter of seconds. Quick Settings allows you to quickly get into Android settings. You can also launch the app by long pressing the search button or via a shortut in the notification / status bar.

Don’t get lost if you don’t see the required control, simply press options, and customize. Now add the settings you want. LED  flash light is not supported for all devices yet it will use your screen as a flash light. Full settings controls include birghtness, ringer, volume control, mobile data, bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS receiver, Wi-Fi Hotspot, airplane mode, master volume, screen timeout, auto-sync data, auto rotation, unlock pattern and mobile data. Quite useful!!!


A great Android app overall, addition of widget would come quite handy and will make itself go on top useful apps / widgets list. Give it a try and feel free to add any, if missing or of course, you can tip us from our contact page.

Quickly Control Major Android Settings With Quick Settings App


Download Quick Settings

– search Quick Settings in Android Market
– or scan the QR code


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