Friday, August 14, 2020

Read And Write TecTile NFC Programmable Tags Available For Android

NFC is setting a new benchmark when it comes to technology. Samsung, one of many Android device manufactures are working hard to get Near Field Communication stable and ‘get-going’. Samsung has launched TecTile programmable tags, which have started rolling out in consumer market recently. 5 Tags can be bought as a package for $15 US. Once bought, you can program tasks on these chips using an app. Some might say, an advanced version of QR Code! You just pass your device through the tag and tasks can be done instantly. TecTile Tags are available in Mobile Phone Stores and from Samsung US website. (TecTile is only available in US and Canada).

To programs and read TecTile Tags, download TecTile app from Google Play Market. Once launched, it will prompt user to turn on NFC in devices. (NFC is available in most up to date devices). TecTile Tags can be created for a number of different tasks i.e. launch apps on your device, check in places, update social media status, make phone calls, and send text messages automatically. Once the TecTile is created, place it anywhere. Tap your device to the TecTile, tag would be read and action would be performed for example open a website, dial a number etc.

SC20120613-213155 SC20120613-213211

User can change settings of the device by creating tags. Set a tag beside your bed, tap your device and set an alarm instantly. From the same Settings and Apps menu, user can launch any specific app, join a WiFi network or show a message. Tap Phone and Text to create Tiles for making a phone call or sending a text message.

SC20120613-213355 SC20120613-213224

Users can create tiles for locations i.e. tag is created for a specific address, tap and map of address comes up. Social media integration is another aspect of this app with availability of Foursquare and Facebook Places. i.e. create a tile for Facebook page of your business.

SC20120613-213238 SC20120613-213246

From social settings, Tile actions can be created for updating Facebook status, like, Tweet a status, follow a Twitter user and connect on LinkedIn. User scans your Twitter tag, he can follow your user account or create a Tag for Facebook like and the reader can Like the link you shared. Users can also start a Google Talk conversation. More integration can be expected from this app. We can see updates rolling out soon. Order Tectile Tags and give this a try. Feel free to share your experience. 5 Tectile programmable NFC sticker tags can be purchased for $15 US. (Click here to buy).


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