Reboot / Get Into Recovery Mode On Android Device With Ligux Widget

Android does keep on developing. If you have been looking for a way to get rid of the so called long process you have to go through, hold your breathe and keep reading! Home screen shortcuts and widgets have been a key towards Android customization. Recently an XDA member developed a widget by which you can quickly control the boot methods. Named as Ligux Tools, this great ‘lazy’ app lets you follow boot methods instantly with the help of a home screen widget.

Available boot options include boot loader, recovery, shutdown, reboot, and fast reboot. What is bad about this app? nothing but it has ads. Since its free, you got to support the developer in some way or other.

Feel free to download this widget based app and give it  a try. And yes, don’t forget to mention the name of any other similar ones, we will add it in our listing.

To Download Ligux Tool

– scan the QR code
download from market

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